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The future has no boundaries (within Canada due to tax reasons). 

We’re technology enthusiasts with child-like curiosities. Most of our time is spent automating things that don’t necessarily need to be automated. Through this trial & error, we’ve learned what works best for Smart Homes and what doesn’t.

Automation in our homes is the future, we’re just not yet there. Inspired from “The Jetsons” that takes place in the year 2062, we help bring standardization, security & reliability to the industry. Only then can we propel ourselves into the era we belong.

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custom smart home designs from the blueprint stage, tailored to your needs.



upgrade your home with the latest smart tech, with minimal disruption.



“add new features or expand existing systems for improved performance.

Why Choose Us

at project jetson, we’re not just tech enthusiasts—we’re your partners in creating a futuristic, smart home. with cutting-edge technology and personalized service, we make your home smarter, safer, and more efficient.

experts in iot

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future, we're just here to help move it along in the right direction.

Flexible Schedule

We know you're busy. Not only are we flexible, but we're always there to help no matter the question.

Quality Installs

What's the point of doing something if you don't do it right? We'll refund your installation costs if you're not happy.

no recurring fees

What do you need us for? Once everything is up and running, we'll make sure you can manage your own home.

No maintenance

Your home should work the way you want, always. No maintenance required on any of our installs.

easy expansions

New TV? New lamp? We'll make it easy for you to expand your Smart Home, all by yourself.

Featured Project

New Build

Planning for a Smart Home before it’s construction not only significantly increases it’s value, but also decreases the implementation costs. This home was hooked up from top to bottom with the right network to support multi-room audio, a wicked home theatre and automation all throughout.

This doesn't even feel real. Makes us question where has this been all our lives. Beyond the cool the factor, the automation & safety systems we designed with projectJetson surprisingly makes our lives at home (and travelling) a lot easier. We never have to worry if everything is okay, we're alerted immediately no matter where we are.
Jona de Smit
Home Buyer